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Colombian Foreign Policy on the Drug World Problem

Integral Action

The solution to the drug world problem requires an integral approach. Actions should be taken in every link of the chain including offer, demand and other associated activities. Likewise all authorities should be involved, and when necessary civil society itself should take part as well.


The approach to the drug problem should be based on an institutional consensus. In such scenario, the policies and measures to be implemented take into account all the relevant institutions involved in the Colombian National Plan of Drugs.


The design and development of policies in terms of drugs is the result of the country's internal dynamics and takes into account the legislative framework, the evolution of the drug problem and the State capacity to fight it.


Within a context of cooperation, reciprocity, balance and respect for the sovereignty of the nations, the Colombian government pleads in favor of the adjustment and implementation of an international policy in which involved states confront the different manifestations of the drug world problem and the activities that support it.

Shared Responsibility

Due to the fact that the drug world problem has a transnational character, all the nations involved are responsible to undertake actions towards the reduction of the internal consumption, production, trade and all the other problems connected to this world issue.

Social Content

In its fight against the different manifestations of the drug world problem, Colombia has learnt that repressive actions have limited reach. These actions must be complemented with activities of high-social content that allow the enhancement of the human being in a sustainable manner that provides him a way to easily detach himself from the different manifestations of the issue.

Moreover, the community should obtain benefits from the fight against the drug world problem through the use of confiscated properties and goods related to this illicit activity.

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