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United Nations Reform

The Secretary General presented to the General Assembly a long-term program to reform the United Nations in July 1997. In this program he emphasized the need of incorporating greater integration in terms of policies and programs of all the United Nations activities in the economic, social and development areas. This reform program has provided already its first results and Colombia has been constantly following-up the measures and impact on the United Nations initiatives.

Changes in terms of strategic planning and coordinated decision making processes have been essential to improve the effectiveness of the United Nations. As a matter of fact, the Secretary was organized in four main areas, peace and security, economic and social issues, humanitarian affairs, and development. Each area has an Executive Committee responsible for the coordination of all programs, with particular emphasis on human rights. To contribute to the improvement of effectiveness of the United Nations, has been also the purpose of the modernization of departments and procedures. Such reforms have already showed important results not only on a better policy planning coordination but also on the actual contribution to the Member States.

The Millennium Assembly for the year 2000 demanded the active participation of Colombia in the United Nations. More than a commemoration, this general Assembly constituted the opportunity for fruitful dialogue to improve United Nations' role during the new century.

Further, Colombia will continue to play an active part in the process of the reform of the Security Council, now being performed in the Working Group of the General Assembly. The results must be reflected in greater efficiency and transparency, better geographical representation and respect for the sovereignty equality of the State. Although no short-term decision is expected, the subject deserves constant follow-up.