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October 2013


October 11, 2013

Ambassador Osorio participated in his capacity as President of ECOSOC in the closing session of the Committee on Food Security at FAO

In his statement Ambassador Osorio affirmed the high importance that ECOSOC attaches to food security, highlighing the Second Committee of the General Assembly on food security and nutrition "to scale up the global response" held on last February, in which was emphasized the important role of the Committee on World Food Security as the cornerstone of the new global governance system on food security. »


New York, October 3, 2013

Ambassador Osorio addresses the General Assembly's High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development.

In his statement Ambassador Osorio, in capacity of Chairman of the ECOSOC, expressed that international migration is a powerful tool for development and should be seen as an essential driver for global development, given its important contribution for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and its impact as a key factor for sustainable development. »