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Second Committee

(New York, February 4, 2010)

Statement by Ambassador Claudia Blum, Permanent Representative of Colombia to the United Nations, Item 2. Review of follow-up action on the Nairobi outcome document of the High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation


Mr. President,

My delegation associates itself with the statement delivered by Yemen on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

Allow me, at the outset of the substantive segment of this session, to congratulate you and the other members of the Bureau on your election to guide the work of the Committee. We are confident that your leadership will contribute to an appropriate follow-up on the implementation of the Nairobi outcome document, which is the issue we are discussing today.

1. Beyond the important guidelines contained in the document, Colombia considers that its adoption took place in a very timely moment: at a juncture filled with enormous challenges, but also encouraging changes in the development architecture.

2. In the light of the international economic situation and other serious problems such as climate change, it is clear today that the countries of the South play an ever more active, necessary and fruitful role in the joint production of global solutions.

3. In addition to the importance of large emerging economies in this context, development cooperation has been dynamized by a growing number of middle-income countries, and even countries in less favorable circumstances, that are willing to share their achievements and positive experiences. Experiences, which have in many cases a unique value, given the particular nature and diverse challenges faced by the developing world.

4. The aid mobilized by South countries for the attention of the tragedy suffered by the Republic of Haiti, as well as for the support of reconstruction efforts, constitutes an evidence of the positive impact that cooperation among developing countries can have.

Mr. President,

5. From this perspective, it is a responsibility of the international community and, in particular, the United Nations, to undertake actions to foster this cooperation trends and ensure their effectiveness. The Organization has sufficient human and technical resources to systematically promote South-South cooperation, while respecting the leadership and autonomy of developing nations.

6. As it is implicit in the Nairobi document, UN funds, programmes and agencies have a lot to contribute in this regard, within their respective mandates. For instance, an organization such as UNDP, that has wide operational presence and administrates the Resident Coordinator System, is in a unique position to promote South-South cooperation at the global, regional and field level.

7. Likewise, I would like to express Colombia's support to the strengthening of the Special Unit and its renewed leadership as focal point for South-South cooperation in the system. We are confident in the essential contribution that the Unit will make in the design of the guidelines' framework for the implementation of the Nairobi outcome document.

8. On the other hand, Mr. President, Colombia would like to highlight the importance of an active participation by developed partners in this process. Not only in the operational dimension, through triangular modalities that could support South-South initiatives, but also in the policy dialogue at the intergovernmental level.

9. It is vital to foster settings that allow for interaction and assessment of the challenges and opportunities provided by the new development architecture, from a comprehensive perspective. Our common objective should be to mutually learn from best practices and promote joint strategies in order to ensure that cooperation at all levels will have the expected impact.

10. In this context, Colombia believes for the follow-up to the Nairobi document it is also important to favor synergies among multilateral settings that could encourage the advancement of South-South cooperation, such as the ECOSOC Development Cooperation Forum (DFC), executive boards of funds and programmes, as well as platforms for development cooperation from both, the South and the North.

11. It is precisely with this spirit that Colombia will host the High-level Event on South-South Cooperation and Capacity Development: "Contributions to a more effective and inclusive cooperation architecture", to be held from 24 to 26 March 2010 in Bogotá. I avail myself of this opportunity to reiterate our invitation for this important event to the Member States and organizations represented in this session of the Committee.

Mr. President,

Colombia is determined to continue contributing to the promotion of South-South cooperation in the diverse multilateral settings, which are appropriate to this end. You can count on our willingness to support the various intergovernmental actions that will be undertaken with a view to implement the Nairobi outcome document.

I thank you.


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