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Fourth Committee

(New York, October 28, 2009)

Statement by Ambassador Claudia Blum, Permanent Representative of Colombia to the United Nations, Item 33: Comprehensive review of the whole question of the operations of peacekeeping in all its aspects


Mister President,

My delegation associates itself with the statement made by the delegation of Mexico on behalf of the Rio Group, as well as the statement made by the delegation of Morocco on behalf of the Non Aligned Movement.

I wish, in the first place, to thank the Under Secretary General for Field Support, Madame Susana Malcorra, and Under Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations, Mister Alain LeRoy, for the comprehensive briefings presented and the extensive exchange of opinions that took place on October 26.

Among the different aspects included in their presentations, we specially value the comments about the document "A New Partnership agenda: Charting a New Horizon for UN Peacekeeping". The exercise of exploring this document together with the authors is of great use, prior to the in depth discussion of the document.

Colombia, as a member of the Special Committee on Peace Keeping Operations, C-34, closely follows the discussions relative to the restructuring of peace building capacities. As a member of this Committee and as police contributing country, my delegation participates in a continuous and constructive fashion in the tasks undertaken by the Organization in this area.

We are encouraged by the initiatives aimed at bringing closer those who plan and decide on the mandates on peace keeping operations, and those who must put them into practice. We agree with the perspective that the definition of the mandates on peace keeping operations must be coherent with each political context, and should be targeted at clear and realistic objectives, that are commensurate to the available resources.

We await with particular expectation, the deepening of the Secretariat's proposed discussion on these three aspects: Partnership in purpose", devoted to the political aspects and the planning of peace keeping operations, "Partnership in action", concerned with the operative aspects on the field, and "Partnership for the future", focused on the development of sustainable capabilities to face the challenges ahead of us..

Mister President,

One of the essential aspects to achieve the referred partnership is the establishment of a timely dialogue, which takes place before the approval and renewal of the mandates.

I wish to highlight, in this sense, the recent practice established by the Security Council, of summoning meetings with countries contributing troops with sufficient time, prior to the renewal of the mandate of the respective mission. This allows for the respective exchange of opinions to be taken into account in the preparation of the corresponding mandate. We encourage this procedure to be applied in a regular fashion.

I would also like to underscore the permanent disposition and receptiveness to dialogue that my delegation has found in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations Officials, on occasion of coordination of several contributions made by my country to Haiti, both bilaterally as well as through MINUSTAH.

Allow me, Mister President, to indicate the scope of this cooperation initiative that illustrates a point repeatedly mentioned throughout our debate: The relationship between security and development.

We are pleased to note the way in which several countries from Latin America and the Caribbean have agreed on several cooperation actions for Haiti. Moreover, we find stimulating the effort placed on finding a horizon aimed at the achievement of sustainable development and the democratic consolidation of this sister country. The formation of the Working Group for the Coordination of the Latin American Cooperation with the Haitian National Police, and the 2x9 Mechanism, are proof of this commitment.

It has been distinct and fruitful the coincidence between these approaches, the task carried out by MINUSTAH, and the principles and values that guide my country's contribution. That is to say, the commitment with the development of the Great Caribbean Region, democratic governance, institutional strengthening, and South-South Cooperation.

Colombia wishes to renew its commitment to share the achieved institutional advances, and its willingness to continue contributing to Peace Keeping Operations and participating actively in the discussions relative to the restructuring and strengthening of the United Nations capacities in this area.

Thank you very much, Mister President


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