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(July 3, 2013)

Opening Remarks for H.E. Mr. Nestor Osorio, President of the Economic and Social Council at the ECOSOC Implementation Forum

Honourable Ministers,

Distinguished delegates,

Ladies and gentlemen,

This year, we have introduced a new platform in the work of ECOSOC and that is the Implementation Forum.

This Implementation Forum provides a dedicated space for focusing on how ECOSOC can serve as a central hub for achieving the Future we want. This Forum should be an essential part of the High Level Political Forum that the Council will hold in the coming years. It is through these concrete actions that we can achieve transition to a sustainable future.

We need a strengthened role of the Annual Ministerial Review as a tool for integrated and coordinated follow-up through a preparatory process and most important improving implementation of international agreed goals.

This Forum will serve to highlight one of the Council's great strengths: its ability to bring together governments, the private sector, civil society and the UN system. And to mobilize them to deliver results. That is how the Council transforms policy into action. That is how it aspires to deliver sustainable development for all, which will be at the core of the post-2015 development agenda.

ECOSOC has accumulated extensive experience in the substantive monitoring and review of the MDGs and in the integrated and coordinated follow-up to the major global summits and conferences. On this regard, the Council is in a unique position to contribute to these twin objectives, as well as the definition and follow-up of the post-2015 development agenda.

There is perhaps no area that has more impact on pursuing development than advances in the area of science, technology and innovation. Culture has also played an important role in our strides towards development. On this regard, science, technology and innovation, and culture hold a large potential both as tools and enablers for sustainable development and for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

In fact, science, technology and innovation can play a critical role in each and every MDG, including by fostering access to knowledge; increasing productivity, industrialization, economic growth and the creation of decent jobs; promoting health and access to essential drugs; achieving food security through sustainable agricultural systems and by raising production and incomes, especially of smallholder farms; promoting renewable energy technologies while mitigating climate change, among others.

The announcements today by the broad array of stakeholders will highlight important work in the area of science, technology and innovation being undertaken in support of various sectors, such as education, job creation, health, and green technologies, to name but a few. Several other initiatives have also been submitted, and can be viewed on the ECOSOC website.


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